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Crowdfunded, decentralized, global marketing-campaign


This website is for you, the Million-community and anyone who wants to contribute to the success of Million Token.

Visit the official Website
to learn more about the social experiment.
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Some Ad Examples

To know what we're talking about, here are some examples of ads already created:

This is the beginning of the first campaign to launch once enough start money is collected and we're authorized by Google to distribute crypto-finance-ads.
Some examples of video-ads that can be distributed as YouTube preroll-ads and Bumpers:
These are animated HTML5 ads and static ads for Goole-ad-network desktop and mobile:
300x100 Ad Million Token
300x250 Ad Million Token

How does it work?

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I created a PayPal-wallet to donate to.

The donations will be used for financing a crowdfunded, decentralized, global marketing campaign.

In the beginning Taboola will be used for the distribution of native ads.

I am currently talking to the Google-Ads-team, to clarify the terms of distribution of ads through the Google-Ads-network. This is necessary since some financial-product-ads need special permission to be distributed.

Unfortunately Facebook doesn't allow the contribution of ads for some finance products at the moment, including crypto-currencies.

I will also look out for further distribution options in the future. Maybe distributing ads directly to the common websites used for crypto-trading would be a good move too.

Where will my money
go to exactly?

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2.49% - 5,79% + ~$0.30 PayPal fees
- per transaction
- depending on your location
- exact PayPal fees (from Germany)

19% taxes for German government
- My Tax-ID: DE324069478

60% ad-distribution

5% website, hosting and development

~10 - 13% (the rest) creation of new ads
- either by myself
- or depending on the success of this project through contract work with freelancers and agencies

Who am i?
And why am i doing this?

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I am a German Motion Designer and Web-Developer. (Website in German)

I invested in Million on day one and want to support the project with the value that i can offer.

My expertise lies within creating ads, marketing and web-development. So in order to boost this social experiment even more I decided to contribute this way.

I really like the community that formed around this project and I wanted to give everyone of you the opportunity to further contribute to the success of this awesome experience.

I also love the transparency of the project and I think this is the way more projects should be handled.

I can also put this project into my portfolio, which if successful could boost my career further and could potentially attract new clients. But this is not my number one priority.

The decentralized working from home has become a way of life for me. So this project could potentially grow to become a full time job for me as well, which I would be happy to take.

How can i support this now?

You can support this campaign through a donation.
The amount is up to you, of course.

What is the Return on Investment?

I will regularly update the exact numbers of the marketing campaigns on the CONTRIBUTE page to be as transparent as possible.

Here's an example:
Usually those kind of marketing-measures create a lot of impressions. This means, that many users will see them.
You only pay for ads when someone clicks on it not when they see them. This generates the CPC (Cost per Click).
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So here's an example:
If i spend $10,000 on an ad-campaign and the average CPC is $0.50, this means that 20,000 people clicked on the ad.

Depending on the ad the click-through-rate or CTR is between 0.5% and 1.5% from my experience. This means that with a CTR of 1% only 1 person out of 100 who saw the ad, actually clicked on it too.

This also means that the impressions would be
20,000 Clicks = 1%, so
100% = 2,000,000 impressions.

If every 5th click buys Million Token(s), this would mean, that we payed $5 per conversion / new holder.

The difference to a usual ad-campaign is, that we don't directly gain from those conversions. But more holders means, more spreading the word, more FOMO and eventually a higher price.

And you also mustn't forget about the impressions. The ad was played 2,000,000 times. This creates brand awareness and trust in the product.
There's a Lion
in every Million


Is there a Lion
in you too?
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